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Non-player characters, or NPCs, are defined very well by Wikipedia:

In a traditional role-playing game such as Dungeons & Dragons, an NPC is a fictional character portrayed by the gamemaster. If player characters form the narrative’s protagonists, non-player characters can be thought of as the “supporting cast” or “extras” of a roleplaying narrative. Non-player characters populate the fictional world of the game, and can fill any role not occupied by a player character (PC). Non-player characters might be allies, bystanders or competitors to the PCs.

For the Wayfarers, our NPCs are exactly that – people without whom our adventure could never happen.  The supporting cast, or “extras,” who do things we can’t do ourselves.  We are none of us experts in all fields that are necessary to run an event like this – we fully acknowledge that, and are happy to ask for help when there is need.

These are the people who are helping us on a formal level with the planning, marketing and execution of the event, but the thousands of NPCs who are helping us with our ultimate goal will be listed on another page under “donations.”

Andrew Beaudoin
Social Media and Toronto Events

 The original sixth member of the Wayfarers, Andrew was unfortunately forced to stay home after a foot injury in early 2012. With his thorough knowledge of social media and his ability to make friends with anyone, Andrew will be able to help without ever leaving the city.

Brittany Lopez
YouTube Guru

When Dan asked Brittany to help out with “the YouTubes,” she immediately jumped on board if for no other reason than to make fun of his being old. Brittany will be helping us with our regular “vlog” updates over the summer and throughout the trip, bringing her expertise to the table and ensuring that we are ready to enter the Project for Awesome in December.

Emily Waterfield
Public relations

Emily is a good friend of many of the Wayfarers, and when she heard about the project she was the first to offer her services as a graduate of the Humber college Public Relations program.  She has already been invaluable, as someone who has done projects similar to this in the past (though on a much smaller scale), and is bound to be so even more in the future as we move towards contacting media outlets.

Jenn Syas
Designer, illustrator and US liason

Jenn is a close friend to Dan and has been a strong supporter of the project since the beginning.  As a graduate of an art school near Boston, MA she designed the Wayfarers logo and immediately offered to help with our efforts to expand the event into the United States.

Paul Grylls
Spreading the Signal

One of the original Wayfarers, Paul had to step back due to injury but wants to help us reach our goal. As such, Paul has been helping the same way he always has through the last year – keeping us motivated and telling everyone he can about the Quest. He may not be joining us, but Paul is an intrinsic member of the team.

Sean Sinclair
Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Writer

One of the original six Wayfarers, Sean has had to back down from the Quest proper but insisted on helping however he was able.  An accomplished Dungeon Master for more than a decade, Sean is bringing his creativity and knowledge of the tabletop roleplaying game to help us write our tie-in campaign for the Quest’s roleplaying friends.

Tyler Salvador
Videographer, documentarian and Flash programmer

Tyler is roommates with Paul and Sean, and friends with most of the Wayfarers; when he heard about the event he immediately offered his help to document the process.  He is also an accomplished Flash animator and has offered his services to make our site look like more than a stock theme – anything fancy you see up here is probably Tyler.