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Drew RocheleauIf there is any one thing I remember clearly about my childhood, it was my love for stories.  I was born on August 21st, 1984 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and am the second-eldest of five children; even at earlier grades when I stilled struggled with reading, I can remember clawing my way through children’s books.  Although I had many books, there was always a soft spot in me for stories about dragons.   Whether they were vile monsters or majestic beasts, I took quickly to those high fantasy tales.  The format never mattered to me: movies, books, and yes, even video games could all easily keep my attention.  Naturally as I grew older I began to realize that no amount of Bambi eyes would ever get me a pet fire breathing lizard; I began to settle for more mundane pursuits.

While attending East Alternative School of Toronto for grades 7 and 8, I discovered that I had a taste for dramatic arts.  For a seventh grader, some might have even gone as far as claiming I had talent.  This of course only further fuelled my love for imaginative worlds and tales, and I spent more time engaging in them.  I began to take scene studies classes outside of school, and began to seriously consider pursing life as an actor.  Of course, imagination, a tendency to daydream, and a preference for reading over my homework didn’t do much for the rest of my grades, but somehow I pulled through.During high school I recall being one of the few students in my drama classes who really enjoyed Shakespearean plays and other classics.  It was here I began to consider narrowing my focus to stage performances.  I attempted to get into a few of the school plays, but combined with always struggling with the pressure of auditioning and feeling discouraged from trying most of the time I never succeeded.

Having never been a strong singer or dancer, as well as struggling with the auditions, I eventually determined that the odds were stacked against me and I just wasn’t passionate enough about acting to pursue it as a career.  Programming having been the only other class I had really enjoyed in high school, I went on to earn a Computer Programmer/Analysts Diploma at Centennial College, and it was here I was first introduced to Dungeons and Dragons.

Dungeons and Dragons was a hobby I took to easily, being a good outlet for an imagination I used a lot less after having given up on stage performance.  I met Sean during one of those games, and eventually through him joined Amtgard and met the rest of the Wayfarers.

In truth, I’ve had no close family or friends diagnosed with cancer.  I’ve seen how it’s affected many of my friends, however, and when Dan first told me of the Quest for the Cure, I thought it was an amazing idea and was eager to be a part of it.

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