The Responses

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Sometimes we have some very nice things written about us, personally or professionally.  Here is a selection of the personal responses we’ve had from people we know – and some people we don’t.

“…as a cancer survivor I’d like to just say from the heart thank you, to you and to rest of the team.”

Enrico, from Ontario

“What you and your friends are doing is amazing. One of my friends, Arya, passed away from leukemia last year. He was only 24.”

from Ontario

What a great idea! Good luck!

R.A. Salvatore

“You guys are flat-out amazing. […] People talk a lot … about how they want to make the world a better place. I do it by fighting the bad guys. Not everyone can do that. You guys are not only sacrificing your own time and money but you are also making a difference. I respect that.

–Kevin, from Maryland