The Journey

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Over the course of four weeks, we will be completing a five hundred mile trip primarily on foot – a ferry from Larne to Troon takes roughly 75 miles from our total, and brings us to around 425 miles of actual walking.

On the route you see, we will be hitting a number of cities and landmarks.  In order from the lower left-hand corner of the map, they are:

Our RouteBelfast, Ireland: we will be starting our trip here on Saturday, September 29th, 2012.  Our one-day walk to Larne will be the longest day we spend on the trip.

Larne, Ireland: the ferry port to Scotland.  We will be staying the night here and taking the ferry early in the morning.

Troon, Scotland: our first destination in Scotland, we will mostly just be passing through the small town.

Glasgow: we will be staying the night in Scotland’s largest city.

Fort William: an English garrison, the town (called the “outdoor capital of the UK”) is our first night at an inn after a long five days’ hike.  During that hike we will be staying a full day relaxing beside Loch Lomond, though – could be worse!

Loch Ness: Paul and Adam are determined to catch Nessie, so we will be staying a full extra day beside Loch Ness to rest our legs.

Culloden Moor: the site of a great battle in 1746 between Bonnie Prince Charlie and the English army, commanded by the Duke of Cumberland.

Scone: the historical capital of the Scottish Kingdom and original resting place of the famous Stone of Scone, on which all Scottish monarchs are crowned.

Stirling: the former capital of Scotland and site of several key battles in the Scottish Wars of Independence, we’ll be visiting William Wallace’s Stirling Bridge and his monument.

Rosslyn Chapel: rumoured to be connected with the Freemasons and the Knights Templar, this chapel just outside of Edinburgh was made famous in Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code and will be our lunch-time stop on the day we finish our trip.

Edinburgh: the largest city and capital of Scotland, we will be finishing our trip here with a walk down the Royal Mile.  Our official end point will be Edinburgh Castle, which – gulp – is at the top of a great hill.