Words from the Road: Loch Ness

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When Drew and I decided to tackle a stretch of the Great Glen Way, we knew it wouldn’t be easy. The shores of Loch Ness were calling to us, though, so we had to give it a shot and push for a two-night camp to make a test of my recovering strength.

With two weeks of hiking between me and the bout of food poisoning that greeted my arrival to Scotland, it was slow going at first. Our packs are heavy but we eventually got into a bit of a rhythm… that was slowed down again when we started climbing.

“I sure am glad I don’t have to climb that. It would be really unfortunate if I had to climb halfway up that tonight, camp there, and then finish climbing it in the morning.” – Wayfarer Dan

Climbing wouldn’t end until a steep descent on Friday morning. And then another steep descent on Friday afternoon, after several more hours of the climb. This was NOT one of our more pleasant hikes of the trip, but the land we were crossing sure was beautiful.

These beautiful cottage ruins looked like a prime camping spot, except for the giant bramble of barbed wire that lay everywhere within its walls… probably to discourage camping there.

I love the mountains of Scotland. So many pictures are not being posted because they’re just minor variations on the theme.

With camp set up and dinner finished, the Wayfarers took a moment to contemplate the Loch, hundreds of feet below them after a long day’s climb. (And to pose for a picture.)

Our canvas tent with its wooden poles and rope has served us well even when the mountainous terrain meant we could barely use tent pegs.

The mist settled heavily on Thursday night, leaving a Friday morning fog that didn’t dissipate for hours – or at all, in some areas. We took to calling the mountains across the Loch the Misty Mountains.

We needed water Friday morning. What better than a pure mountain stream? Better than bottled water, believe you me, and icy cold to boot.

The mist took a long time to settle. I wasn’t kidding. This is the best view we got of Loch Ness during our trek.

Our Misty Mountains in the last shot I took before I was too exhausted to keep my camera out.

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