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The Next Six Months

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Today marks the six-month countdown to our flight from North America to Belfast, Northern Ireland, where we will start our trip. Time has flown – and having reached $12,000 in donations yesterday, so have those numbers.

The next six months will be a whirlwind of activity for us – not only fundraising as we have already been, but a heavy training schedule (with twice-monthly training weekends starting in June) and gathering our gear together before shipping it overseas ahead of us in early September.

I was looking at my calendar just a couple days ago and realized how few weekends I will have to myself this summer; with the exception of three or four, every weekend is chock full of training, fundraising events, or Amtgard events… where I will be pushing for further donations while having some fun.

Long-time readers will have noticed a slower update schedule here on the ‘blog, but do not worry – it’s just because we’re so busy getting other things worked out. In the months ahead we’ll see some great swag to buy in support of our cause, a few contests and a lot of great opportunities to have fun and help us out… in addition to our usual requests for your help in general! We’re returning to a more steady update schedule soon, including a Better Know Your Route post from yours truly next week!



Training Walk: March 31st

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In two weeks’ time, we will be doing a Toronto training walk – and we are inviting you!

Here is your opportunity to see just what a training walk is like for the Wayfarers. Our route will be 28 kilometres (17 miles) long and will circle back on itself, so if you intend to stick with us the whole way you can park or subway to and from the same place.

We will be starting at High Park Subway Station, located at High Park Avenue and Bloor Street West, at 9:00am and will be leaving by 9:15am at the latest. We’ll walk south through the park and across the city on Queen Street, walking north at Coxwell and then back along Danforth. With one short fifteen-minute break after our second hour of walking, we will be stopping for lunch at the Court Jester Pub at 609 Danforth Avenue – just west of Pape Avenue – at around 1pm, aiming to leave again at 2:30pm for the last stretch of about ten kilometres.

Throughout our trip we will be posting to our Twitter account (@QuestfortheCure) to update with pictures and locations for anyone who would like to meet us partway.

What should you bring, you ask? If you intend to be with us the whole way, bring comfortable clothing and good shoes – and make sure you’re wearing appropriate socks, too! Your feet aren’t the only part of you that will be sore by the end of the day, but they’ll be the worst off unless you’re very careful.

Bring a water bottle and some snacks – things like trail mix or even just peanuts are great. We’ll be stopping here and there on the way but we don’t want to make too many trips to convenience stores, since every trip will hold up the whole group.

Plan for the weather – if it looks like rain, bring a good coat and maybe a hat. If it looks like sun, a hat is still a good idea! Sunscreen is a good idea too, even though it’s still March.

Finally, bring money for lunch – you’re going to want to eat it, I promise! – and plenty of smiles and laughs. The best part of these walks is companionship, and we’re going to be spreading the word about the Wayfarers while we walk!

Will we see you out this month? Let us know in the comments section below!


Buy our wristbands!

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Paul posted about our Wayfarers: Quest for the Cure silicone bracelets a few weeks back, but as of yesterday we are able to send them anywhere in the United States for a small fee.

Our Wayfarer bracelets, both sidesOn our friend (and NPC) Jenn Syas’ etsy page, you can buy the wristbands for the same price we are selling them in person using any major credit card. A shipping charge of just $2 will be added if you can’t receive the wristband in person.

As Paul posted in his original message, $4 from each wristband sale will go directly to the cancer society for the region in which you live (if you’re in Canada, it will be the Canadian Cancer Society; if you’re in America, it will be the American Cancer Society; anywhere else will be donated to the Association for International Cancer Research). The other $1 will help us recoup expenses for the wristbands, as well as a small amount towards our business cards.

We have already sold a couple dozen of these wristbands but have literally hundreds more to sell – buy one (or several!) and show your support today! Click here to go directly to the Etsy page!


Trial Run

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Last night at about six thirty, I had an epiphany.

It was long-since dark, and I was walking along a stretch of Lawrence Avenue, a street that runs from one side of Toronto to another with a few minor interruptions. The snow that had blustered in that morning had turned to rain in the afternoon, coming down in a steady, light fall that was almost mist at times.

I had decided to walk long before I knew about the weather, but with my sweater’s hood up and my long, ankle-length coat done up fast against the rain, I was comfortable enough. My hands stayed in my pockets as I watched the traffic splash through the street, idly thinking about the trip I was, ostensibly, training for even then.

It wasn’t until about halfway through my four-kilometre walk that I looked at my phone, curious. My Weather Network app opened quickly and confirmed what I had thought: that very weather was the worst I was told to expect in Scotland. One degree Celsius. Rain.

And it wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t great, of course; my socks were damp despite my weatherproofed boots, and it was chilly. But I wore layers – fewer layers than we’ll have available to us in Scotland, no less – and wasn’t uncomfortable at all. My hood was keeping my head from getting wet, something I know makes me uncomfortable after a while. A pair of gloves was all I really wanted – and I added that to my phone’s simple list of things to bring with us to Scotland. Walking for four kilometres in that weather was no worse than walking it in any other non-perfect weather, and a fair bit better than walking it in the too-hot, sun-burning weather that I trained in all summer.

We’re coming for you, land of William Wallace and dreary skies. And we’ll be ready.

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