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The last week has seen a lot of official announcements for the Quest.  The first was our biggest by far, and a great help to us: with the help of Darren Osbourne and the CHFI “Pay to Play” breast cancer fundraising weekend, we announced to the entire listenership of 98.1 FM here in Toronto our intentions to raise money for cancer research next year.

We are still waiting on that clip from CHFI, but in the meantime we have made another announcement, this one closer to home; at the small event we held over the weekend in Toronto’s Amtgard group, we told our friends what we were planning to do.

There was a lot of excitement, and it has been growing.  As the word spreads, we are hoping that the excitement will too.  This is a big event for the six of us – for everyone involved – and we need to keep our own energy up about it as well as everyone else’s.

If you’re here for the first time (from Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else), please take a look around the site and let us know if there’s anything we’re missing.  We are not yet ready to accept donations, but will be very soon – so stay tuned.  “Like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, add me (Dan Clarke) to your circles on Google+, and keep an eye out – the thunder is rumbling louder and louder.


My Second Training Walk

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For my first ever blog (not just for the Wayfarers, I’m brand new at this whole blogging thing), I decided to talk about my second training that happened this past weekend. First, here’s what came before this walk for me.

Before the Wayfarers were formed, I did a 17km walk from my place to downtown, without any stops, and while I was a bit sore when I got there and the next day, I didn’t suffer any actual ill effects. A couple months later, I did my first over 30km training walk in 30⁰C weather and I ended it a sore sweaty mess. I told myself that it won’t be so hard in Scotland in October since we won’t have to deal with this type of weather.

Then on September 17, 2011, I went on my second training which ended up being closer to 40km than 30km. The temperature changed from sweater weather in the morning, to a comfortable 18⁰C at its warmest point. This was the perfect weather to walk in, something that could be considered a perfect day during our journey.

About 20km into the walk, my right quad started to hurt. I began limping, which in turn got my right hip to start hurting. Getting near the end of the walk, the soles of my feet felt sore, but that was easy to ignore compared to my other hurts.

I trudged on. I survived. I made it. However, I didn’t want to get up and do it again the next day. Also, I wasn’t wearing a heavy pack and got to sleep in my bed.

Did I mention the walk went from 9AM to 9PM? Yes we stopped for food and other things often throughout the day, but we’d have to do that in Scotland too. We’d also have to prepare our own food over there.

These thoughts scared me. Have we bitten off more than we can chew? Is this a simple matter of more training?

I write this the day after we had a meeting discussing all my concerns. I might be the most cautious member of the Wayfarers but that likely has to do with the fact that I suffered a knee injury at the end of 2010 which had me limping around until at least April this year. I suffered the same thing three years before that with my other knee. I have to make sure my knees will be able to handle the punishment of this walk. I don’t want to have to stop partway through. I’m either committed to the whole thing or I’m going in with an entirely different plan.

One thing I know is that I’m going to have to do a lot more training. I’m really looking forward to our next major training exercise, which will involved camping and walking with packs.

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